NP0 error and CIS...


Not sure if im writting to the right forum section, move the topic if needed, but i have a very specific problem on my hands…
Been playing a game called Phantasy Star Online 2, nothing major happened between PSO2 and CIS, but lately i have been getting NP0 errors right after GameGuard, PSO2’s anti-cheat security software stops working at game start, then NP0 error happens, given by the 2nd anti-cheat sw for PSO2.
I have whitelisted and allowed every single file of the game not to be bothered by CIS, yet this error is persistent, needs full system restart in order to have a chance not to happen again.
This error never showed up, until like 2 months ago after the last major core update of CIS.
What do i have to do in order not to make GameGuard freak out every time 'cuz of CIS? Dont wanna switch to another security solution, never had any major trouble with CIS up until now.

Thanks in advance!

What exactly is the error that you are seeing? What does the HIPS events look like that applies to the related applications? You can try adding the affected applications to the shellcode injections exclusions.

Thanks for your reply futuretech!

I dont have HIPS and Sandbox turned on, only Antivirus, Firewall, Virusscope and webpage filtering.
Did add every file of PSO2 to whitelist in Antivir, HIPS, Sandbox and Virusscope, even if those arent used components, allowed all traffic for em in Firewall too, yet its like 99% that i get that error and GameGuard failure at game start. When i uninstall CIS, the error goes away, but NP0 barely ever happened before a major update of CIS in a bit less than 2 months ago or so.
The NP0 error simply says that “something went wrong” in japanese (PSO2 is only available in Japan now), its an error code which means that something made GameGuard crash. I certainly know that an update within Comodo causes it, since as i mentioned earlier, no NP0 errors before the last major update happened, or rarely ever, and when i reinstalled the opsys, didnt install CIS yet, tried running PSO2, no NP0 at all, did about 20 starts. After isntalling CIS, NP0 happened instantly.

Ok, looks like problem soved, for now at least.

After futuretech mentioned shellcode injections exclusions list, i have poked around it for more. Looks like it wasnt enough that i have included the folders on that list, but had to list each and every files in em in order for GameGuard and nProtect not to freak out. Even when i turned off Virusscope, the shellcode injection detection was still running, making GG and nP go haywire.
Thanks again futuretech for the tip about where to poke around more! (CNY) (:CLP)