Now time for CMDM 2.0!!!

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that we released the CMDM 2.0!

New in Comodo MDM

Application Catalog: Admin can define optional (or recommended) applications and mandatory applications. On AndroidTM devices, these apps can be easily set up and managed through the company Enterprise store.

Application Management for iOS: Admin can install and recommend applications on iOS with full data isolation and control. Applications are managed through CMDM and data is fully controlled.

Extended support for AndroidTM: Admin can define stricter policies with additional configuration on Samsung SAFE™ supported devices. Wifi, Email, VPN configurations and restrictions like removing Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, YouTube; Email, screen capture, copy/paste, SD card usage, USB connections, OTA upgrade and many more…

Access Control: Admin can whitelist any devices that will have access to company mail server. Therefore, companies could be absolutely positive that only approved devices are able to access their mail server. This feature also provides the ability to monitor users and devices on the network.

Group management is enhanced.
GUI is enhanced.
Server-device communication speed is enhanced.

Congrats with the release. Nice to see Comodo spreading its wings in this corner.