Novice registery question

If I don’t know what any of the registery listings mean, how will I know what I can remove? If I run power clean, then do I have to test every app and software etc. etc. etc. that is on my pc before I can finish? Is there a chance that my pc won’t boot up after this?
Thanks, John


If you don’t know the entries (many don’t!) you can simply just rely on the choices of the CRC application. However, there’s no guarantee that everything will go smooth. The SAFE DELETE feature is however supposed to ensure that your machine will boot after cleaning.

You should test the applications before you finalize, that’s my advice.

Sorry that I can’t be more informative but I really consider registry cleaning as something to be very careful with, I do it myself all the time with CCleaner and CRC but I’m careful about recommending it… :-X


We’ll add info about each registry in CSC 2 version. For sure will have this info in Help file, but I will find a way to put it in Application also. That’s a good idea and thank you for bringing this up.

Yes, after a clean there are chances that you removed something important and computer might not boot up. This should happen only if you deleted something extra, that is not recommended for deletion by default(with the default settings). That’s why we have SAFE DELETE and REGISTRY PROTECTION. Leave them checked(even if they require restart - you won’t clean your computer every hour anyway). These are fail-safe procedures… in case something wrong happens, your computer will most likely restart before windows loads or get a BSOD. The computer will restart once more and your computer will be back to normal, as previously was before cleaning.

Sounds great! Thanks.