Novice needs help with setting up firewall


I just bought a new computer and decided to give Comodo firewall a go.

Here are the specs:



Win 7 64 Bit

I am wireless connected to a DIR-655 router. There are two other computers on our network. 1 is hardwired. The other wireless.

I found this Comodo Firewall tutorial. Is the advice on this page good? Should I ignore any advice?


Will checking “Monitor other NDIS protocols than TCP\IP” slow down my connection like it says it will? Do I need it?

I don’t see “Do packet checksum verification”. Is that necessary?

I don’t want to slow down my connection unnecessarily.

Are you not running Defense+ or the Sandbox?

Either way check out my advice here.

I do not know if I am running them. Defense+ or the Sandbox.

Do I need them?

The firewall component protects you from inbound connections and unknown programs being able to send information out.

Defense+ and the Sandbox actively prevent your computer from becoming infected. If you have both of them running your computer cannot become infected. I’d advise that you use them if you’re not already.

If you have any more questions please ask.

It sounds like Defense + is important. I will use it.

I read your setup guide. Thank you for the help. I would never have known what features to use.

every things should run good and smothly. CF (comodo firewall) is not supposed to slow down your connection.

“Monitor other NDIS protocols than TCP\IP” is enchanted protection that you can enable for worm or something like that.

My tip is that you activate everything besides “Monitor other NDIS protocols than TCP\IP”.