Notifying when an application has been blocked.


I’ve used CIS 5.8 BETA for Windows 8 for a while now, and since I prefer security over convenience I have set Defense+ to block instead of sandbox files as partially limited or any other sandbox setting.
This setting works wonderfully well for me, except one tiny little issue, CIS doesn’t notify the user when it blocks an application.

Way too normal situation: I run a new application and nothing happens, start wondering what the hell is happening and keep waiting, after getting annoyed after trying to execute the application for some minutes I realize “… Wait, maybe it was Defense+?” and sure enough the application is listed under blocked files.

So my wish is that you implement a notification of whenever CIS blocks a file, and also have options like “Don’t block this program the next time”, “Never block this program” or “Don’t notify me about this program again”

Thank you for taking your time to read my wish. =)

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