Notify when Defense+ is disabled

I disable the defense+ lot of times and many times just forget to turn it on.

It would be really nice if it notifies the disabled Defense+ using the tray icon. Like Avira does by Closing the umbrella.

As far as firewall is concerned, it can be notified by using the Windows Security Center.

I’m curious why you are disabling it so much.

I disable it while installing apps. Yes there is a “installation mode” but it constantly pops up a window during installation saying that CIS is in “Installation mode”.

So, it’d be nice if it instead of the pop up window, displayed eg. a ‘red cross’ instead of ‘green check mark’ in its tray icon.


It’d be really nice if CIS CHECKS that the Installer is closed and automatically switches back to the previous mode.

The installation mode reminder only pops up every 5 minutes. What are you installing that takes longer than 5 minutes to install?


Nice feature request :-TU . I’m second for this.

Optional (could be turned on/off) notification like for installation mode. Or changed tray icon :-\

Well, its not app but computer that is taking more than 5 minutes to install. It really an ancient system ;D.