Notify when a rule is triggered

When manually setting rules port by port, I currently have to put an “Ask” rule on each application above the most bottom “Block all” rule, as I want to configure an application fully, and leave no place for it to prompt the user at any point. I’m not doing this because I don’t trust the user (who is me, as a matter of fact), I’m doing it because I hate prompts popping up, especially because remembering a rule by user prompt is never accurate enough at the current moment when using Comodo CIS.
If there is a, let’s say, a block rule that triggers rarely (e.g. somebody’s scanning my computer), it currently just logs the event if logging is checked, OR prompts the user if the action is set to Ask. This leaves no place for me to actually see in real-time somebody’s scanning me unless I keep the log screen open and refreshing 24/7.

Anyways; let me propose a simple addition, either one, or preferably both of the following:

  • Notify option in Action drop-down menu in rule editing window, so Notify would be an independent action which would look for conditions, but wouldn’t result in any other action but to show an information screen to the user, which would fade out quite quickly. Same kind of a screen Comodo Message Center shows.
    (So choosable options would be Allow, Block, Ask and Notify)
  • Another checkbox under “Log as a firewall even if this rules is fired” which would cause Allow or Block rule to also show up a notification to user. Same kind of a screen Comodo Message Center shows.

Personally I’d find especially the first option very, very useful.

+1 Yes, as an old Tiny Firewall user, I also wondered why alerting an action is not available in CIS.