Notifications not waiting and closing

I have a problem with the Firewall, it happens that when I turn on my PC I heard the Firewall notifications, waiting for me to take action on blocking or allowing some application.

But sometimes I’m not in front of the PC and when I’m back the notifications are gone.

What happens? How can I see what applications were waiting for an answer? Were they blocked by default or allowed by default?

How can I change it so it always wait for my action, no matter how long it takes?



You can change the alert timeout to 999 seconds but that is the max, you can do this for each module in the Advanced Settings.

You can check the logs to see what the alert was, to do that you can open the Main GUI > Tasks > View Logs > In the upper left corner choose Show: Alerts (Tip: You can right-click in the list and choose “Entire Period” to see entries for a longer time)

CIS uses a default deny police, which means that the actions were denied if you didn’t answer otherwise on the alerts.

You can’t currently change it to indefinitely wait for your input, the max is 999 seconds.

Thanks a lot, I have it set up to wait 120 seconds now :wink: