i have recently installed Comodo Free Firewall and i am very happy with it.
Comodo has informed me that internet explorer has been modifyed with
( s86ha43k.exe ) now while i surf, internet explorer locksup and my computer reboots
does anyone know what steps i can take to resolve this problem
and does anyone know how i may have got this program?

Thanks for the geat firewall
and thanks for your help Tonyg


The executable you mentioned returned no results form Google, but it’s possible that it’s a randomly generated name.

Operating under the assumption that your PC is infected with something (I’m not saying it is, just applying the “looks like a duck, walks like a duck …” principle), I think your next step would be to run Hijack this ( Run it and do a “Scan system and save log”. Zip the resulting log file and post it back here as an attachment (you can attach files to a post by clicking on the “Additional Options” link under the text entry area).

The sooner you can get the logs to us, the sooner we can try and find out what’s wrong.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: