Notification window freezes and closes

Hello, I’ve got a problem with notification windows - the one, where you can select an action. I’ve no idea, what is wrong. Already reinstalled firewall completely, cleared all the files/registry values etc. and it still doesn’t work.

After notification windows appear, I can’t click anything on it, it just stays for a moment, and then closes itself. And in addition - no new window appears until I restart my PC. Diagnostic check says that everything is fine. MAYBE I disabled some Windows service that is necessary for proper working…

This happens every time firewall prompts some action to me. One window appear, freeze, and then closes, and no other prompt window will appear, until restart. Ah, and I can’t even shutdown firewall…

Try disabling “Play sound when an alert is shown” option under User Interface / Advanced Settings.

Their should be crash dumps for the cis process located in C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder can you attach it here or in the bug thread here: it is caused by a 3rd part audio codec which causes the alert process to crash when it plays the alert sound.

But as a workaround you can do what qmarius said and disable the play alert sound setting.

Well… Don’t know what happened, cause I tried it previously - and didn’t work… but know it worked. Anyway - disabling alert’s sound worked! Xonar drivers/CP was the cause. Thank you very much!