Notification of Fix?


How can one know that a bug or a problem of false reporting has been fixed?

I filed one the bug report and there are numerous in the false report area regarding CodeGear and Delphi development tools *.bpl files being falsely reported. Comodo AV pretty much trashes those apps, so I am looking to know when that problem is fixed without having to run the test that kills, but cannot find anywhere where either program-updates or virus-database-updates and changes are explained.


I can’t assure you that those has been fixed… But comodo has worked a lot on the FP issue and a lot have been fixed…
I think you can try out, just click ignore if they gets detected once again! :smiley: :slight_smile:

If they were reported before march, my bet would be those FP won’t bother you any longer… :-TU :-TU