Notification of blocked/sandBoxed programs

Could you please tell me how to be notified when the firewall will sandbox or blocks the file execution?
I set the SandBox as “Partially Limited”, but often new programs are executed in SandBox environment, they doesn’t work correctly and I’m not advise.

Also, how is possible to remove the programs sandboxed?

Many thanks for the help

The firewall doesn’t engage sandbox, the behavior blocker does, which is a component of Defense+. And there should be notification popup of an unrecognized application telling you that it will be sandboxed, unless your alerts are being suppressed.

Applications will be sandbox if:

  • Its unsigned/not in the trusted vendor list.
  • Not part of the internal white list.
  • Not part of the cloud based list either.

You can:

  • Submit the file/application to the whitelist request forum.
  • Add the application/files to the trusted file list. (If the program modifies itself in memory it will be unrecognized again and you’ll have to exclude it from the behavior blocker.)

You could also can the sandbox to full virtualized, and most programs will run fine in it, how there is the potential to leak data.

Many thanks for the clarifications, but where I can set the Defense+ (SandBoxed files) notifications pop-up?
Under Defense+ menu settings I didn’t find any option to set it visible or unvisible.
I’m using Comodo Firewall 7.0.315459.4132 free version.

Also how can I immediately add the sandboxed programs in the whitelist or allowed programs (e.g. right mouse on it), instead exit, add the programs manually in the “application rules” ?

Many thanks for youe help