Notification after update: active configuration format/version old format

To Comodo
I just updated Comodo firewall. When I restarted my machine the next time, I got the message:

Configuration Migration
The active configuration format/version seems to have an old format.
……recommended to reconfigure the new version… old settings will be lost….Would you like to reconfigure it now?


  1. Why does it not say “Commodo Firewall” first, so we know what program is giving the message??? I thought I had some new virus!
  2. Why are the old settings not automatically backed up, with a facility to recover them and use if needs be?
  3. Why is there not a link to a better explanation of what this gobbledygook means?

Not very satisfactory!

I got the same message. Very cryptic. I told it “no” in part because it didn’t identify which program was requesting reconfiguration! I had to search Google to figure out it was Comodo.

Exactly the same here - said “No” as I didn’t know what the heck was asking and up pops the Comodo screen. Then Googled for the message and found this forum.

So what are we supposed to do now? I justed restarted the PC - and the message doesn’t appear anymore. So is the “active configuration” going to stay in an old format? What effect does this have on the firewall?

Come on Comodo - you’ve got to do better than this.

Get your developers to think what these messages mean to ordinary users. Of the developers know what what “Configuration Migration” means - they’re too close to the subject to not know. But us users? How are we supposed to know?

And what do we do now to fix this?

Answers please.

“No” is probably the better choice. I chose “yes” (I realised it was CPF, although it took mea while), and I had to teach it all over again about everything, which is very annoying, because CPF is such an intrusive application, asking about virtually everything that happens.

Oh no! Not another configuration wipe-out! That happened to me before when I did an update - or maybe it was this same update on a different machine.

I had to re-enter ALL my Network Security Policies - very time-consuming and unacceptable.

I don’t care how good this Firewall is supposed to be or that it’s free, if this happens again I’m going to dump it.

I have also this message poping up every time I start up the PC.
I have uninstalled two times, but the same problem persist, even used the special uninstall program, but the same result is still there.
What is the course?
Is there any solution for this problem?
System. XP PRO SP2 all win updates installed.
Comodo ver. 2.x worked perfect.

Hi Iled180,

Do you have this problem with latest 3.0.20 version? If so, where “problematic” configuration came from (e. g. built from scratch on 3.0.xx version, then exported etc.)?

I start from ver 2.4, worked perfect, then to the very first 3.0.x?. Uninstalled and reinstalled a version before, then uninstalled that version. “Clean” unistalled that ver. and reinstalled ver. and later updated that ver. to
The problem message is the same all the way from the first update to ver. 3.x.

Interesting - since February not a single comment on this post from Comodo!!
??? :cry: