Noticeable scanning improvements with CIS .432... :)

Improved in build 432 was the scanning of certain files. Ive noticed it on-access, and was really nice to see it on-demand as well, Close to SAS 4.22 version Scanning. :slight_smile:

4 mins 10 sec to scan 14,095 files is pretty good! Atleast for me anyway, Keep it up Comodo!


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In SAS, did you uncheck Ignore files larger than 4 MB (recommended)?

10,580 files in 19:36, with the 20 MB limit kept. Is my CPU really that slow? :-[


100 MB limit. 99 % sound files. 8)

CIS-completed.png is for cavscan.exe
CIS-completed3.png is for cmdagent.exe (after a reboot)

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Mobile AMD Sempron Processor, 1.8 GHz. Can this really be the only reason?


it took about 40minutes to fullscan my laptop 88)
20MB file size limit.

is it normal? ???

this guy took 80 minutes to do deep scan using sunbelt vipre. so i guess 40 minutes is normal :slight_smile:

Less than half hour to scan 100K+ files.

Leon -->> hehe yes that is your problem your processor is kinda old tech for AMD. They redesigned their new processors to be way more reliable.

Thanks. I just unchecked it, It then took 6 mins 21 seconds to scan (SAS). Comodo AV still scanning at good speeds, on-demand related.

Hey LA… We both nlited our OS. It may be a hardware issue? ???


Did you actually try to change it yourself? According to the screen shot you didn’t. :wink: Actually, I had no permission to change the priority. I’m a Windows admin (of course) and I also tried to change it while D+ was disabled. Still I get the message “The operation could not be completed. Access is denied.”.



Off course the access is denied because cmdagent.exe cannot be terminated and is protecting the core of it self, which is what cmdagent.exe is for CIS/CFP 3.0/3.5. ;D

LA… You probably have a smaller Nlited OS then I do. Mine is 160MB, I’m curious that it might be a hardware conflict… Because we are both clean freaks.


This is not about terminating cmdagent, just changing its priority. Besides, I though self-protection was supposed to go away when Defense+ was disabled… though I didn’t “permanently deactivate” it.

Yes, my OS is smaller, but I kept all support for my current hardware. :slight_smile:


I know I was just referring that even changing priority can’t be done and wanted to point that out.


You’re right. :slight_smile:

I suppose the priority could be changed if D+ is permanently deactivated, but that would change the circumstances for the scanner speed test… I guess.


… and this is how I usually perform the scans, including the last one.


Tonight I ran complete system scan with .432: 1:25h to scan 163K files. Older versions takes 1:45h.
After I ran Norton Antivirus 2009 complete scan. It was took less than 40min to scan 230K files.

Symantec speed efforts are notable! How can Comodo improve your engine?

I accidentally installed the whole suite when I downloaded the new version. I saw the thread so I decided what the heck. I let it scan. 1:30 hours on 400,000 files. Am using 64bit architecture. XD

EDIT: And I have 2 more antiviruses installed.

What you got THREE antiviruses at the same time installed?
That’s a CRAZY thing to do. You should only have ONE AV installed, otherwise they will conflict with eachother and it’s like having NO PROTECTION at all.

But it’s up to you but i DO NOT recommend having 3 AV installed at the same time.

And i would uninstall two of the right away if i where you! And keep CIS!


I hope i maked myself clear what problems you can get with more than one AV. Cheers, Johan

He could probably mean he has one with on access scanning and the other two with on access scanning off and used for on demand scans

I hope so…you should have seen my System when I mistakenly turned of Avast and tried CIS’s AV…only too late I remembered pausing Avast!'s real time scanners don’t carry over restarts…I had a lot of trouble but now everything is working ok.

Well i hope so as well. But what i can see is that he have the following:

Quote “”“” Comodo Firewall Pro 3.5.54375.427 + Windows Firewall + Symantec AntiVirus + TuneUp Utilities 2008 + Norton Ghost 12(weekly backups) + NOD32 3.0.650.0 Business Edition(removed network, document, and mail modules) with CFP’s termination protection. “”“”

Well regarding to this info he got 2 firewalls: WINDOWS FIREWALL, and CFP.
And regarding the AV’s he got: NOD32 business edition, Symantec AntiVirus + TuneUp Utilities 2008
And Comodos CAV inside of CIS “”

So the result is 2 firewalls and 3 AV’s could it be worse?

And i don’t think that he have BOUGHT Symantec and NOD32 for ondemand ONLY, for ondemand i would use something that is FREE.
But i hope that we are wrong so that he uses 2 AV’s for ondemand ONLY!!

Cheers, J_G