Noticeable latency under CFP

Afternoon lads, just installed Comodo and its a more comprehensive solution than what I’ve been used to before (been using Bitdefender and Zonealarm previously). I installed the standalone firewall with Defense+ (optimum) and everything worked fine, set up my network zones, my trusted applications and looked through the pending files to ensure everything was kosher. However, I’ve noticed that there’s a considerable latency when I try to connect to websites, and pinging wikipedia, google and amazon gives massive times to response. I didn’t really have this problem before, and I understand that a firewall does have some overhead, but my speeds have really dipped.

Can you tell us a bit more about your system? What OS are you using? What other security programs are running in the background?

Can you show us a screenshot of your Global Rules and of the firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Event)?

I too have been having really high latency, so I removed Comodo firewall (not running the rest of the package) and it sped up my connection tremendously. I live in VA and when testing my connection to and their Washington DC server, I had pings of 510 ms and without the firewall it was down to 14 ms. Once it got past the ping latency, my speeds were fine for downloads, but it was affecting my upload speed. I am supposed to be getting 2MB up and was only getting 1.2 with the firewall and now it’s at 1.6 without. I am running a Quad core 2.66 GHz with 4GB of RAM and Vista Ultimate for the OS. I have a DLink DIR-655 router and connecting to it via Gigabit interface. Any idea why so much overheard? Is there a config setting that I had wrong? I was running the firewall options at “clean PC” and “safe”.


What are your Attack Detection Settings? Go to Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour Settings → Miscellaneous. Which options are selected?

Hey EricJH, not sure if the last question was directed to me or Axelone, but my settings under the behavior settings is: General Settings-Safe and under alerts: Alert frequency is set to low, and all the other boxes are checked.


I get the exact same results at with or without CIS running. Ping numbers are also the same.

Try disabling all but the upper one (Block fragmented IP datagrams) and try again.

I’m not having a problem but this is interesting. I do not have a Miscellaneous tab under behavior settings. I found it under Attack Detection Settings however.

Thanks for pointing that out Dch48. Correct that to Firewall → Advanced → Attack Detection Settings → Miscellaneous.

Just reinstalled it and made sure that that was the only one checked and the latency is back to 510ms again. Any other ideas?


Do you have a p2p program or a stream running for hours on end?

nope. My email is set to check every 10 minutes and thats it.

The same for me, booting in safe mode ping is 15ms, normal mode with comodo - 550ms.
Windows 7 Pro, Comodo 3.11.108364.552

UPDATE: Actually, may problem was NOD32, not Comodo.


Using on-line speed tests are a hit and miss affair. I get readings that could suggest I’m using dial-up all the way up to high speed DSL, with latencies between 25ms upto 1500ms. It totally depends on the server chosen, the route taken and several other variables.

To get a better idea of the latency, use something like pathping from a command prompt and measure the results over a period of time.