Notice regarding upgrade to ASG version 2.0 - Final

Well, what can I say…

The migration did not work out well, to put it in ‘corporatese’. The ex-admin in me would have put it differently but this is a public forum so we’ll try and keep it polite.

I don’t think there is much more to say than we are truly sorry for any impact the failed migration had on you, your workload and your customers/users.

So, how do we fix this? Here’s what we are doing.

We have created 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) ‘fake’ domains and we are pumping 200 000 emails per hour through them to stress-test. During the course of this coming week we will be monitoring the results and, if the results are satisfactory, we will start migrating all our own Comodo domains back on to the ASG 2.0 platform.

While this is happening, all new ASG signups, Free, Trial and Paid will automatically be placed on the ASG 2.0 platform while existing Free, Trial & Paid accounts will continue on the ASG 1.12 platform.

The next step will be the migration of the Free ASG accounts to the ASG 2.0 platform, probably taking place during the week of 19th to 23rd of May.

The final stage will be the migration of the legacy Paid accounts to the new platform during the week of 26th to 30th of May, assuming that the previous stages have been successful.

I’ll be sending out some emails containing the above over the next couple of days regarding the above, with a little something I can offer to (hopefully) make up for inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,
ASG Product Manager

Well, what can I say…
I think you said it :slight_smile:
I will try to avoid the temptation to temporarily change the mx record prior to the upgrade 8)



Apparently, results were not satisfactory?

I am saying, because COMODO.COM domain name is still on ASG 1.0 platform.

You are too quick…

if the results are satisfactory…

The results were and is on ASG 2.0


Thanks for the update. Good news that everything is moving into the right direction! :-TU

Soon we will be able to test the power of CASG 2.x ;D

Hey W-E-V, long time…

Email me your managed domains and we’ll migrate them as a ‘special’ favor. You’ll soon see how much extra fun ASG 2 is :slight_smile:



Caution W-E-V, Murphy is out there… waiting. >:-D

Thanks Michel! Ill send you my domains :slight_smile:


-1 to Louyo for losing the faith :slight_smile:

Just for that I am going to migrate your domain last Lou… you’ll have to wait for your mail-archiving bonus…


Woe is me. What do you call a person who thinks things will always go wrong, and figures the world is against him?
A realist.
(I will wait… and watch, and listen)


Right then louyo…

Any comments?



Sure, from what I can see… my site is still on the old system. Interface hasn’t changed. But, it is working OK so I don’t really care. Figured you had ostracised me. :frowning:
Question though… my client’s system is on V2 and the archive is set up. How to send an email from the archive to a different email address, or open the body. If no can do, that is a request for enhancement.

(may the bluebird of happiness… dump on your new car)

Hi Lou,

The primary purpose of the archive is for users to resend themselves the email they have accidentally drag-and-drop into a completely irrelevant folder and has therefore mysteriously gone missing.

The secondary purpose of the email archive is to establish a forensic chain of events in case of an ‘Event’

I s’pose we could allow forwarding to a 3rd party destination but we would have to audit-log the event so let’s see what we can do.

If any of your domains are still on ASG 1 please let me know which it is so we can get it migrated pronto.

Have a better day…