Nothing works, XP won't open any other programs

Ugh, I thought it was just a Chrome issue. I had been using Chrome before, and I traced down the issue to it. XP, working normally, then at some point while using Chrome, no more tabs would function, no new programs can be launched, task manager won’t open, but everything ALREADY open seems to work fine, but to open anything else I have to shutdown/reboot.

I have tried everything from uninstalling/reinstalling, disabling plugins, using process explorer to shut things down one at a time, etc. I finally got rid of Chrome (uninstalled) and installed Comodo Dragon hoping it might work (I really like Chromium).

Now, just installed CD, I left all defaults, it launches, but will not load any pages. It never times out, no errors, I will eventually get the “kill pages” message box. I can see network activity on my NIC. I can’t get to the browser settings because its already locked up right away. It’s the SAME issue where the whole PC is now locked. I mean, the PC itself is responsive, but I cannot open ANY new programs, or task manager now.

Maybe you guys can help me. I hate IE with a passion.

What Service Pack is installed on your XP? Is this a stripped,nLited, installation of XP?

Please make sure you have the latest drivers of your graphics card. Modern browsers are relying more and more on hardware acceleration and then drivers become more important. For the same reason update to the latest Direct X: Download DirectX 9.29.1974.1 for Windows - .

Let us know if that helps.