Nothing showing up in Firewall Advanced

Since upgrading from 3.14 to 4.1 no programs are showing up in the firewall except Comodo and my AV. I have many that connect but they are not showing. Is this normal for 4.1 as everything that connected showed up in 3.14? Frankly, I want to see what is connecting and adjust them, more control, so to speak. Also, it never asked for anything to connect, I believe it is letting everything connect. My settings are safe mode for both the firewall and the defense. Have tried the other modes, but get the same results. I really preferred the way version 3 worked to this version or is there a problem with mine? Running Vista SP2.
Thanks. :-\

If the programs are in Comodo’s whitelist or the vendor is in the trusted list, rules will not be created and you will get no alerts unless you check “Create rules for safe applications” in the D+ settings and in the Firewall settings.

I want to actually see what is connecting to the internet in a list like in 3.14. I want to be able to change svshost to not receive inbound connections when it shows on the firewall list since there are so many svshost processes. I can no longer do this. Frankly, don’t like the way this one is doing. I want to know what is connecting and SEE it in a list.

Is there some way I can make Comodo show a list of what is connecting like 3.12\3.14? I loved those.

Please advise. Thank you.

Check the option to make rules for safe applications and it will be like