Nothing really.

Fora. Foris. Outside. Public. Discourse. Forum. Politics. Intellectual. New Age. Topics. Policies. Politicking. Sigh.

and what is the point of this topic?

Sounds like his head is tired of studying and running over… :smiley:

I don’t think it’s an attempt to create poetry. May be a stream of consciousness?

You are probably right, including the fact that there were few “sighs” recently like this one
As a matter of fact I’m very glad that he returned after So it ends for me here :slight_smile:

No … but if you want another one - just ask me & I’ll post next in turn(recurrent) poem here ;D

Something like that… hehhehe!..
Actually that’s fine. I personally do love those & I’ve read practically all of the best concerning the genre.

spainach_12 is back & that’s good :slight_smile:



The most random post ever LOL!

Ok…I don’t get it ???

”understanding not” happens now & then, so basically it’s a matter of learning/studying/reading (a lot!) :wink:

andrei1997, what do you know about “stream of consciousness” = “interior monologue” (philosophical term)?
How many books you’ve read… re: the matter written by philosophers/doctors/psychiatrists/& authors like Edgar Allan Poe; James Joyce; Virginia Woolf ;
brilliant(!!!) ‘The Sound and the Fury’ by William Faulkner ; etc.?

Well, people can be in a special mood sometimes … We use to talk, and sometimes just talking out loud

So that’s from another thread. Enjoy:


Nothing really.

Neither poetry nor stream of consciousness (although my post does bear resemblances to Virginia Woolf’s writing). Though I am tired of studying.

To paraphrase Octavio Paz, thank you. However weightless these two words are, if they were drops of water, I hope you see in their transparency my gratitude. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to. And perhaps, it would be better not to. :wink:

I share your enthusiasm with the above authors. Feminists in my opinion are ones who have executed the style best. You seem to have an interest in the humanities so might I make a recommendation? Have you read Dictee by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha? If not, I highly recommend it. Postmodern, and the style isn’t the stream of consciousness (although there are traces), but it is extremely fascinating. An experience of the uncanny that’s certainly worth the time and pain-relievers!

It looks like Spainach overcame his writer’s block or should I say study block?

More of a case of insanity than a block.

And your point is?