Nothing is safe

have a read

trust no one (c)

i mean what’s the point of having HIPS when a trusted application like wmplayer can kill your system?

oh yes of course it’s M$'s issue, but… it’s just bothering me a little - when Comodo says something is safe - is it really so?

Hi Burillo. That user had the old 2.4 version. The new 3.0 has a heuristic analysis and other cool features that could of stopped this. As long as you do not mark every app as trusted you can easily survive these type of attacks.

oops, didn’t notice post date… :slight_smile:

btw wmplayer is trusted in my system, but it has no rights of internet access (R)

of course i am no noob, i mark as trusted only things i really trust (like eMule)… otherwise it’s like giving everything root priveleges :slight_smile:

Well, Comodo trusts IE and OE, so no!

As for WMP, I’ve removed as much as will go; won’t touch RealPlayer (and avoid the big apps. like Acroread). Many of these things are targets for malware as they’re too common - and also too big and complex.

well, that’s an interesting idea - using alternative software… and looks like i already do - Firefox instead of IE, Thunderbird instead of OE, Foxit Reader instead of Adobe Reader, was thinking of switching from WMP11 to Media Player Classic, but it doesn’t support the “add to queue” feature (or maybe i don’t know how to do it?), QIP instead of ICQ, Comodo instead of Outpost ( :slight_smile: )… But i still use Windows Live Messenger and WMP11… I don’t use msoffice at all, if i ever do - i’ll install OpenOffice :slight_smile:

Indeed, Burillo. I use Opera, Eudora, 40tude, then IrfanView and MediaPlayer Classic for media files, RealAlternative, haven’t found anything to replace MacromediaFlash.
For PDFs, Foxit to open files via Opera and PDF-Xchange Viewer for opening and editing files.

Still use Office, but if all other vehicles drive on the left…