Nothing in Bookmarks Toolbar.

I am new to Icedragon. I just copied all my existing bookmarks over from Firefox v28. None of the bookmarks from Firefox’s Bookmarks toolbar show up where I expected - on the toolbar. They are all stacked at the top of the other items in the bookmarks stack.

I can’t copy and paste them where I think they belong. When I try to create a new bookmark to the bookmarks toolbar they just show up with the others in the stack.

I use the extension Rightbar 0.5 and tried to disable it to see if that made a difference. No luck!

I hope to get this issue resolved.

I really don’t like the look of the bookmarks stack open all the time just to get quick access to my frequently used bookmarks. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.


Hello Dale. I split your post from another topic and moved it to the help board where it is better suited.