Nothing but warnings


I get warnings for over 99% of things i use.

Firefox is about the only one with out warnings, the only warning i have seen for this is if i close ie7 and click to open Firefox, as i asked this question earlier i now know what causes it.

In IE i have yet to see a safe come up for it, i get that ii is a invisible application, i can be browsing with ie and go to a web site even here and will be warned about a invisible application etc.

I use A2 Anti-dial up protection i when i send a sample to Comodo i even get a warning with cpf about it changing cpf memory.

I am a idiot concerning computers etc have tried to understand about this firewall but i am lost.

Is all these learning just component learning mode.
My main trouble is i have to allow most of these warnings or i will just not be able to use the internet. Eventually i will end up just clicking allow and not even know what i am okaying.

I am getting that confused that i may have to go back to using either Zone alarm or Kiero, but i really like this firewall and would like to stay with it.

Maybe i need to head ■■■■ the computer this may give me some common sense. (:SAD)

Cheers Peter

Probably you have set the “Alert frequency level” at very high. This is only for advanced users that want to have the absolute control of every pachet enters and leaves their pc. It is not advised for the novice users.

Please move it at “low” and post again.

Hi pandlouk
I did a default install. Have double checked and the alert level is already set at Low.

Thanks for your help.

cheers Peter