Nothing but problems installing

I’ve used previous versions of Comodo Firewall without any problems. Now I’ve built a new PC with a fresh installation of Windows XP Home SP2, all updates, etc.

I’ve downloaded the file “CFP_Setup_English_2.4.18.184.exe” I run it, it asks for optional email, promos, I say no. I choose a different directory, but otherwise use the default settings.

The install runs, appears to be copying files, etc., then stops with a popup along the lines of “problem deleting shortcuts, please kindly delete shortcuts manually” and ends with a screen that says “Rollback Done.”

So I come to these forums, find the manual uninstaller in the faq, run fwconfig.exe -uninstalln from the command prompt, and I get the message that Comodo Firewall has been uninstalled and reboot.

Then I try the setup file again, this time using various other options (giving email, not giving email, auto scan, manual scan, etc.), but every time I get this “rollback done” and have to uninstall. It leaves a file called “boot.ini.comodofirewall” in my C: directory.

What’s the problem here? I’m about fed up and ready to dump Comodo and use a different product. Thanks in advance.

Selam Yabanci,
I have no idea with this. All I can suggest is, register and lodge a support ticket. Since you have been using CPF before, be patient cause it’ s a great product.


I have the same problem. No matter what I do, with all other security programs uninstalled/disabled, I still get the same error you are experiencing.

Apparently, CFP doesn’t like it if we choose a different drive / directory to install it. I agree hilmi’s suggestion.