Notes about Vengine installation

Hi Guys,

Here are few notes about new version

1) There are neither announcement nor changelog regarding the stated version; ??? I came here an I can see

When update notification was displayed and the offer to update was accepted - Internet Explorer window appeared, which scared a **** out of me :D.
I am not using the thing
Can that be correctly changed so the Default browser will be fired up, please?

3) This message in the installer window sounds really weird. Please correct me if I’m wrong

a) Either the old version has to be uninstalled by the new installer (more contemporary approach)
b) Or there should be strict advise to Cancel installation and advise to “Uninstall yourself and rerun this installer”
“Either select Cancel Add/Remove Programs to alter…” and so on without any punctuation marks – that is kinda more than ambiguous and confusing.
Well, English is not my 1st language, but I am sure some English speaking users went for a frantic search of Cancelling Add/Remove.

this is Ironic :wink:

5) This version still doesn’t work with IE – no green border. Yes, I am not using IE but the feature should work. Firefox is fine as wit previous version

Not a biggies but I hope that could be fixed … no rush though.

Cheers all!

Hi SiberLynx.
Thank you for the feedback.
We’ll work on the issues you’ve mentioned.
Unfortunately I still don’t have a solution for your IE.

Kind regards,

Hi Vadym,

Thank you for reply,

When I got notification about your post I found that already available.

This time I did clean uninstall and then installed new version.

Sure I did not get the screen and message I described initially. This time it wasn’t an update
So I may just hope that was somehow fixed.

2) what I see was fixed IE Addon is verified now :-TU

IE7 still does not have green borders though

I think, I wrote already that i have the latest IE7 version 7.0.5730.13
I am stressing that because I know that not all users of IE7 have it.
It was not delivered with MS updates as far as I remember and should be installed separately.
It is a long shot but who knows? … probably some MS surprises are in that area ???
May be that can be checked by developers

Thanks again
My regards

I also have the latest version and this version installs more smoothly and is more stable than the 2.7.05/6 versions… still there are some minor bugs that I am noticing, like that the green borders disappear very fast and that they hang… so you see parts of the green border… other than this, this version is good!

Thank you for your feedback.
We plan to improve redrawing in next version.

Kind regards,
Vadym Volyansky.