notebook install

I am getting a notebook and will be using dial up and a WI-FI connection to the internet. Is there any special configuration that has to be done. Will it protect me no matter what internet connection I am using?? Thank you.

Hiya and welcome to the forums,
I have good news for you.

  1. You can probably stick with the preset set of network rules (unless you want to make more specific rules later). And even if there should be the need to create a new rule (it’s hard to tell from the little information), you simply ask your question here in the forum and be sure it will be answered.
  2. Comodo will give you the best protection no matter how you connect to the internet, provided you have a good set of rules.
    Have fun with your new notebook.

Thank you for your quick response. The reason I was concerned . I’m using Comodo on my desktop and on the summary page for system it shows type: PPP Dial Up and wasn’t sure when I use the WI Fi on the notebook if it would protect me. How can I learn more about the settings you mentioned.? This note book is new to me so thanks for your help. Artie

Hey artie,

If your wifi adaptor on your laptop is turned on, CFP should recognize it automatically. I’ve never seen the firewall fail to detect a network adaptor. I would suggest that it’s not displaying it because it’s not turned on.

When you start using the wifi connection, you will need to set up rules to cater for its IP address. What these rules are depends entirely upon the nature of your connection.

If you are going to connect to an 802.11X wifi router, you’ll need to create a zone that encompasses the IP address of the router, your wifi adaptor and any other device that will connect to the same wifi network.

NOTE : You only need to include the addresses of devices other than your laptop and the router if you are going to share printers or files across your LAN.

If you are going to connect to a wireless broadband service, you won’t need to create a zone, but you will probably need to create a couple of rules to explicitly allow DHCP from the wireless provider.

The above options may sound daunting if you’re new to wifi or firewalls, but don’t worry. They’re only hinky the first time you do them. there’s a great bunch of users here with a really broad range of experience. All you’ll need to do is holler and someone here will pick up the ball and run with it.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen,
I haven’t been around for some time due to some very time-consuming and unforeseeable problems that have lately arisen - so I’m a tad “rusted in”. There’s something I did never quite understand. I have a wifi connection so I’m behind a router. However, everything’s just working fine with the preset set of network rules (v2.4) - no need to define a trusted network or a zone. Nor have I added any additional rules to the preset ones.
What is it that I don’t get?
Am I a miracle (:WIN)?
Beats me. Please fill me in.
Gosh, it’s so good to be back.