Note to Kaspersky users

I’ve done reading on some hack forum, and found interesting info.

That is - to disable KIS’s Proactive Defence one can just change the system date. Create a .bat file with:

date 01.01.1990
and join it with a malware (or add to SFX and make it execute) - and voila - Proactive Defence is disabled! Just think of it. This is the disadvantage of paid subscription products using key validity periods.

This doesn’t mean i use Comodo Antivirus - nowadays every company tries to make antivirus and firewall, but normally i prefer time-proven solutions. However, firewall is somewhat different from AV, and if firewall can be advanced even if it has no 10-year old history, that doesn’t apply to AV software - AV needs long-time updated signature base, long-time polished heuristics and other stuff that comes overtime. So sorry guys, no Comodo AV. At least not now.

It’s really funny that almost anyone can disable KIS… Anyways, another proof that free is better than paid! ;D


well that’s not “free vs paid”… it’s a self-protection issue… nowadays even most of trialware cannot be fooled with this stupid trick with date changing, so why the hell can KIS?!

But the proactive protection of KIS is quite a small part. KIS has a great antivirus, and would prob. detect the binder used to bind the .bat and the malware together. Besides KIS would alert the user that the time isnt the correct date as compared to the last date it observed, the user could re set the date again.

KIS won’t alert about the wrong date, it would just say that protection is deactivated