Note to DEVs - Please let us know the cmd line switches available in CFPCONFG

Hi to all,

I don’t know if any developer of the Comodo Firewall reads these posts, but here’s for hopping this gets noticed.

Is it possible to have a list of all available command line switches for CFP.EXE of CFPCONFG.EXE or any other .EXE that the Firewall application uses?

By trial an error I managed to find some switches for CFPCONFG.EXE, but I’m sure that there’s plenty more.

Here’s what I found out:
-a = Starts a scan
-c = Don’t know but is used to specify a file (see -m)
-d = run diagnostic of installed application
-e = run a clean up
-i = Performs the 1st run installation
-k = starts the configuration wizard
-m = I have no Idea, but it seams to require the -c switch
-o = shows the Comodo Firewall Pro Plus offer
-r = reboots the computer
-s = Silent, can be used with -i to silent install
-u = uninstalls CFP
-x = See -m
-z = No I dead but it shows up in [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\RunOnce] after an install and before the reboot

Take a look at my other post if you want to know how I managed to do a Silent Install of CFP;msg159796#msg159796