Not working training mode

I had many problems with the comodo firewall v10, starting with the installation (made the mistake to just update - should have known better), that broke down and a geek techie, that had to use a cleanertool to remove comodo from my pc, because even the uninstaller was broken (relase that tool, it would have saved me hours).

Moving over to the “can not be started” bug many people get right now, because Comodo didn’t got the autostart right.

But now the Defence+ behavior is making me think about just using something else then Comodo.

At first, as I said, a very clean new installation of Comodo.

I allways was using the “training” mode of Comodo when using a new application, turning it to “paranoid” after the first startup and “done everything”.
Defence+ was learning everything it need to learn in that time.

At last in v8

Now, after the fresh install, I was using the training mode for more then one reboot and start of my PC and for some applications and these applications are listet in the HIPS rules, with their training rules.
I turned Defence+ to paranoid and comodo started to ask me how it should handle the applications with their cusom rules, based on its own rules or with allowing every single little step.

Now why the hell I used the training mode, that is using 1 of my 4 cores compleatly, resulting in 25% load on my CPU, when all the learned stuff does not matter and I have to decide about every single small stepp again?
Why the “custom” rules are written down, when Defence+ does not care about them? I was even asked how to handle svchost (right location). You can’t tell me, that the training mode did not meet it until now.

Currently I turned off Defence+, wich can’t be the final solution, because I’m not willing to decide even about the system processes (that are listet in the rules too) and any other small process, when they pop up.
And I have to say, currently I’m not shure if i realy turned it off.

I don’t know what has changed, but for me it is unusable right now. Even more for full screen applications, where you can’t tap to the comodo popup, wich will lead to a total breakdown of the pc.

Right now I’m (again) at a point where I would more warn people from using comodo then telling them to use it.

So, what the hell is going on? Is that a bad decision, a bug or whatever?
And any adivse to get the old behavior back (beside going back to v8).


Paranoid Mode: This is the highest security level setting and means that Defense+ monitors and controls all executable files apart from those that you have deemed safe. Comodo Internet Security does not attempt to learn the behavior of any applications - even those applications on the Comodo safe list and only uses your configuration settings to filter critical system activity. Similarly, the Comodo Internet Security does automatically create ‘Allow’ rules for any executables - although you still have the option to treat an application as ‘Trusted’ at the HIPS alert. Choosing this option generates the most amount of HIPS alerts and is recommended for advanced users that require complete awareness of activity on their system.