Not Updating

Have been using comodo firwall for ages. Today Avast picked up virus win32:virtob it seemed to deal with it ok, anyway to be sure I was recommended to use Comodo antivirus.

So download CIS and update my intall to add on Virus protection, all scans through ok with no threats.

But the virus database does not update is stops every time at 30%, if I use the check for update in the misc. it always gives error 108 check your connection. Connection is fine.

Avast is disabled of course, tried multiple times same every instance. thanks.

What version of CIS are you using? You cannot update the AV database of CIS with v3.8 or older due to changes in the update format.

After a fresh install CIS will get a big update of 108 MB for the AV database. In this process the progress indicator will stay at 30% for a long time. After that it will slowly start ticking up. For now I advice patience. You can also see if cmdagent is still downloading under Firewall → Common Tasks → View active connections.

Thank you for that info. I just did a fresh installation and have that situation, I will just keep waiting for the download to complete.