Not updated to new version?

So another computer has this issue. Specs
Windows 10 64-bit Pro

Had problems with installing new Comodo Firewall. Followed instructions for removal, used Comodo tool mentioned, downloaded the program and then installed. All went fine and Comodo installed cleanly. Version was installed

Today I get this message

Clearly you can see that I am on version 6209 so not sure why it wants me to update to 6209?

Are you on the creators update? I’m guessing it checks which Windows version you’re on and gives you that message without checking which Comodo version is installed. You can ignore it but i’ll report it.

Sorry futuretech, I forgot to mention that. No, I have not updated yet. Some more info

Windows 10 build 1511

Should I just run the update within Comodo and see what happens? Or just ignore and wait to see what you find out?

I have no idea what the windows creators is but they released a hot-fix update for CIS with the same build number 6209 a few days after the initial release to save time getting it deployed. The update went Ok for me using the automatic feature.

Its temporary for now you can run the internal update if you want the message may still come back but its fine if it does.