Not updated anti-virus database CIS 5.12.256249.2599

Hi. the system WIN XP 32 does not want to update the anti-virus database last updated 10.07.2014. Updates are downloaded but in the end says:

“Update Error
Failed to update the anti-virus database.
Please check the internet connection and try again.”

Such a situation on many computers with this system WIN XP 32 and the date of the last virus database update everywhere 10.07.2014.
Computers to each other are not related, are in different places.
Version 6 and 7 do not install it, because the computer is very slow.
Complete removal reinstall does not work, says the same thing!
What should I do?

Hi, try to update manually via safe mode, sometimes it helps, why not update itself developed silent, perhaps because that version is obsolete and should be upgraded to the new, and he himself is also not a new updated for the same reason as you.

P.S.: topic is old, but no one answered, and find this topic still displays!

Comodo AV Version 5.12.256249.2599 Won’t Update may be of help for you.