Not there yet.

Many thanks for the software over the years people 8) keep up the work of providing main stream (usually paid for) apps for free.

I have tried cloud and back up now for many months and I’m sure your working ■■■■■■■ getting it right, no mean feat with all the different systems to contend with! Being also a linux user dual booting alongside windows I appreciate how much the users can help in making it work so will do so with my limited knowledge.

As for implementing either of these bits of kit in a working environment I will have to leave them alone for now. I have however left cloud on my machine with a synced test folder with some non-important and made up files in. I’ve uninstalled back up for now as I would mainly be wanting cloud to function properly and I’m not sure if the problems I have could be a conflict between the two OR settings I have on one could be causing problems with the other.

So far my experience of these bits of software have been…
Cloud constantly logging in and out, whoops which its just done again ;D
Cloud not logging in at all or getting error codes 100 and 5, checked in the list and although it does tell me what they mean it doesn’t explain how to resolve.
Cloud being so painfully slow through the software that even on a 8m down and 1m up connection it would take all day to sync 150mb folder
Backup again painfully slow and errors on files being uploaded which has to start all over again when I get logged out.
Cloud through the browser interface is much quicker but doesn’t allow the uploading of complete folders, creating folders in the cloud and uploading all the files individually would be a nightmare.

I have every faith this will be a decent bit of kit and with 5gig storage will be better than most. A while ago I tried system cleaner which locked up my pc and left it for a while. The new version is working seamlessly on my fairly low spec machines so I know you will get it sorted at some point. For now I will have to carry on using ubuntu one as my cloud and copy the files across to my windows system. I will be keeping an eye on updates, the forum and my test folder until I feel confident that most issues have been resolved before using comodo cloud in a real working environment.

Many thanks for all the effort team. :-TU