Not sure where to put this about COMODO Time Machine

I have Windows XP 64 Bit operating system and with COMODO time machine 2.8 neither windows defrag works meanning it will start but wont defrag anything or AusLogics Disk defrag will not defrag anything with Time Machine 2.8 on the computer but with 2.6 they both work fine. So will whoever works on COMODO Time Machine please look at this problem. I have both installers 2.6 and 2.8 so for now I’ve gone back to 2.6 version of COMODO Time Machine. Please look at this problem.

Defrag with CTM installed is not recommended as it eats disc space, so 2.8 disables it.

You could defrag before installing CTM.

So you are saying that with COMODO Time Machine your system will sooner or later crash. Because as you know with deleteing temp files and uninstall programs you make fragments files. So anyone using Time Machine 2.8 will see there computer slow down over time because you can’t defrag those fragmented files. I see this as a serious design flaw of the latest Comodo Time Machine program. And I said version 2.6 did let you defrag only 2.8 wont. So instead of Comodo time Machine 2.8 helping your computer in the long run it will harm it by not allowing any defraging on the computer it suppose to help. If this is going to be the new COMODO Time Machine I’ll stay with version 2.6 at least you can defrag your computer with that version.

You can read about this in the CTM forum, this section is for CIS. :slight_smile:

Fragmentation itself don’t go for crashes.
Also, my personal experience is that the fragmentation of System Restore from Windows is much greater than the one allowed by CTM. It’s not a flaw at all. Just you need to understand how the technology works. If you defragment, it will be a change in the file, the disk write will be redirected to the free space, only increasing the snapshot size. So, it’s useless to defragment, on contrary, it does more harm than good. CTM is not a backup tool but a system restore one.

You “can’t” defrag with 2.6 version. The effect is the same.
The lose of performance with this degree of fragmentation is almost a myth.

Yes I can defrag on version 2.6 I have it on my computer right now and I can do a full defrag. And anytime you remove a program that writes itself as a service in window it creates a fragmentation when removed and if you can’t defrag those areas then guess what windows gets slower and slower. And yes with massive fragmentation a program even windows either will Fail to boot up or crash. So try Time Machine 2.6 and see that it will allow defrag programs to work as they were design to do defrag program files.

Yes, 2.6 will let you run a defragger.

Yes it looks like it is working.

You are being fooled, CTM makes windows lie to you regarding disk state.

As the others have tried to explain.
Windows does not see the real disk state, or free space amount.
Windows only sees what CTM presents to it as the disk state and amount of free space.

When you understand the workings of CTM, you will come to see that
running a defragmenter only serves to appease you on an emotional level,
and really just wastes a lot of free space, and if anything worsens, rather than improves anything.
Although in Windows or your defragger, it paints a pretty picture, that is fictional.

Defrag your drive before you install CTM.
Use CTM to compress/defrag your snapshots.
After some extended period of time, if you believe the drive is horribly fragmented
to the point it actually may degrade performance in some tangible way.
Clean up your snapshots, uninstall CTM, Defrag, reinstall CTM.

I hope this helps in understanding.


I think that MJR1 is not looking for advice, just telling Comodo what he wants and expects them to provide.

At least the topic is now in the right part of the forum, so I for one will leave it alone.

With version 2.6 lets say Comodo Internet Security had a virus update this causes that file to be fragmented. With 2.6 I can use AusLogics Disk Defrag my choice for defraging and at the end the report says it has been defraged. But with 2.8 it shows it wasn’t defraged and the fragments are still there see what I am meaning about the difference between the two versions. One allows the defrager to defrag the file the other it still shows the same amount of fragments as before.

Yes I have seen the difference myself.

It is just that 2.6 lets it run. And lie to you in doing so.

2.8 prevents it running and consequently prevents the lie and saves you from wasting all that disk space.


It won’t happen… This is fictional. Windows system restore invoke more fragmentation than CTM.

Of course you can run a defrag application. But you’re just defragging the snapshot file and not the real one. You’re just losing space due to the size of the snapshots.
You’re not understanding the snapshots technology. You’re doing more harm than good to yourself.

Yea, the key words were " if you believe" :wink:

All I know there is two defrags going on here Time Machine will defrag the snapshots and my independent defrag program that defrags everything else. And on Time Machine version 2.6 I do see a increase speed in my computer after I defrag the other files not the snapshot. and with version 2.8 you can’t use any defrag program unless you uninstall time machine witch causes fragmentation itself plus when you put Time Machine version 2.8 back on you still have the fragmentation of the install from the temporary files that are put on and then removed during installing of Time Macine. With 2.6 I can remove those fragmented temporary file with my defrag program. But not with version 2.8 and yes I don’t see a slow down with that only but add 10 to 15 programs a week not to mention all the temporary internet files that windows pick up and you need to delete to let your browser work right and you can see you would have to with version 2.8 uninstall Time machine once a week and then defrag then put time machine back on but with 2.6 I can see the speed up of my computer without uninstalling Time Machine over and over again witch will wear out your hard drive sooner than if you don’t need to keep installing and uninstalling the same piece of software in order to do a simple defrag of the files in the first place. And I’ll state it one last time with version 2.6 on my computer and using AusLogics Disk Defrag once a week I do notice a snappier computer and I don’t see this with Comodo Time Machine version 2.8 only with Comodo Time Machine version 2.6 do I see the improvement when the defrag program is allowed to run. So I would conclude that something more than an illusion is going on here with 2.6 and I do see real results with the defrag. With Time Machine version 2.6 and a weekly defrag that version 2.8 doesn’t allow me to do at all.

Look, if you want to kill your hard drive prematurely, then keep defragging with CTM installed.
There is a hella pile of redirected reading and writing going on.

What you and Windows and your defragger see’s. Is NOT the reality on the physical HD.

Maybe it does seem snappier. Maybe it looks better.
But you haven’t improved anything on the physical disk layout.

The devs have been pointing out from the beginning that CTM is not compatible
with defragmenting software.


CTM only consolidates the free space, does NOT defrag the files in the common sense of joining parts/pieces/fragments of files. The files remain where they are, fragmented. Only the free space is consolidated (restored), i.e., you can “gain” some free space in the disk.

You’re NOT defragging the files… You’re just increasing the snapshot size! You need to understand how CTM works and how is the snapshot technology…

No file is removed from a monitored CTM partition… It just the snapshot of the disk that is different… CTM is not a backup tool, but a system restore one. The map, the sectors, the digital information of the disk, this is what is kept by the snapshots.

It’s totally illusional… Believe us…

Understand CTM technology…

It’s only visual… files aren’t defragmented when the CTM driver is on… only the snapshot information is different…

If so then Windows system restore is better in that way you can do a defrag and once again with comodo you get your hands tied that should be the company name We Make Software That Limits What Can Run Right On Your Computer. And I don’t mean malware I mean real safe windows programs. So why don’t you change you logo to what I suggested or something like it because down deep that is what your products do. Weather it is the current version of Internet Suite with that awful sandbox feature or Time Machine that makes you leave your system fragmented in order to run Time Machine. They both interfere with the operators choice of what he or she wants to run on there computers. And I think any software that goes that far to say if you have this program running on your system you can’t run other programs is going to far and is like big brother watching over you. All versions of all your products should have the option to ignore your recommendation and run any program they want without needing to uninstalling your software to do so. Anything less than that is putting your software in control of what they can or can’t run on there computer and that is so very wrong. The reality is your product dictates what you can or can’t run on your computer. Microsoft tried this with there Internet Explorer a few years back and the feds said you can’t make a operating system that limits the owner what other software they can or can’t run and no software maker should be able to do this either. And your products tries to do the exact same thing as Microsoft tried to do. I can almost see it now Internet Suite 5 or 6 will only allow your Comodo Dragon browser to run on there computer. This isn’t a far fetch idea because your current version already has a long list of programs that wont work right with your product on them and now you say Time Machine you can’t run any defrag program at all while you have time machine on it. And by the way my system shows the same amount of free space even after I do defrags with Time Machine still running. It shows the same amount of free space on the hard drive before and after the defrag. And what you people have said is running defrag programs while using Time Machine makes the space for snapshots bigger and you free space smaller and this does not show on my computer.

Not even close.

You make it sound like CIS and or CTM were forced on you.

You are a free individual.
Free to weigh the pros and cons of any software conflicts/combinations, and choose what to run.

I believe, they do intend in the future to make a release that will be defrag compatible, at that time
the freedom to choose is still yours.

Like your opinion, the freedom to choose what you install is all your own.


PS: this may become an irrelevant post, as I see yours keeps changing.
PPS: I don’t think CTM will show you the size difference, until you take another snapshot.
It is also possible that by chance you don’t increase used space, but just mess up the
drive with fragmented data all over it.

Yes it is my choice to use or not use your product just as it is anyone choice to use Microsoft Windows or Linex opperating system but a Security program or a snapshot program shouldn’t say in working this program you can’t do this one that should always be left up to the owner of there computer it isn’t your software place to take all choice out of there hands and that is what your product does use Comodo what ever software but if you do you can’t do this, this or this. That is not a place of any piece of software to make you choose this piece of software over that piece of software. And it should say in bold type that if you use Comodo Time Machine that no Defrag program will work on there computer instead of finding this out after they have COMODO Time Machine installed.


MJR1, or you understand the technology (an apple could not be an orange) or we will be discussing in circles. If you want to know, CTM is not compatible with defragmentation tools, like one antivirus is not compatible with other ones, like CTM is not compatible with Acronis Startup OS manager, etc. etc.
It’s a matter of your choice.