Not sure what to do

My Comodo FW version: 5.3.181415.1237 occasionaly presents a choice for me to make, when I boot my PC up. It says that my PC is attempting to join another network: (or vice versa, can’t remember which).

One option is to make my PC fully accessible to PC’s in the network; or do not automatically detect new networks.

My Pc is the sole computer in my home.


For some reason your PC fails to obtain a ‘correct’ address by DHCP, if your system get’s a 169.254 then Microsoft is trying to see if it can create a network connection which will probably fail anyway.

If this doesn’t affect your connection and your still able to browse the web then the fastest thing would be to go to ‘More’ Preferences, General, and uncheck ‘Automatically detect new private networks’.

This will remove the prompt and won’t affect your system any further if it’s the only system in the home.