Not sure what to call this...big whinge? Constructive feedback?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I have being using Comodo for the last 6 months or so - before that I was a ZAF user. Now I like a lot of Comodo features but I have one big complaint to lay before everyone here.

It seems to me, that no matter how many releases are made Comodo is filled with bugs that hinder operational use.

For instance, in - the last version (not sure if thats the way its written but it was something like that), the network rules were broken. That is to say, if you tried to modify them, that would often not take effect immediately. - A few posts on this point.

The ever present ICMP bug is unreachable in this version…although before that in previous versions it was “Inbound policy violation” access denied 192.x.x.x port 137 nbname…" saw a lot of posts on that but not one on how solve it. See log for examples of this…

So every time a new release is made, I have to keep coming back to Comodo forums to find the work around or to see if its just a bug to live with. And each time, I check out what others are saying, and you hear some who say things like “I can’t wait for the HIPS” to come into play…and I think “well if your basics are not working properly at the moment, forget hips”.

For any wondering on my configuration:

AVG Pro, Superantispyware Pro, CookieCop, Behind a router.

And without fail, I have to come back to the forums to find help whenever a new release is made. So I would plead with the developers to STOP developing the program with new features, and just spend the next three months ironing out bugs. Spend some time going through the forum posts…are there any bugs that seem to come up again and again? What has been done to fix these? Maybe some more inhouse testing?

I feel that I should not have to come to the Comodo forums with every new release for tech support. It should be once every 6-12 months at the most. Now it could be my setup, but I don’t think so as I have checked the tutorials and followed them.

Its always the little things, that irritate me as a user. For instance, I can no longer close the network connections. We were told this would happen but not the reason why. Does this mean when its reintroduced it will bring a whole new set of bugs with it - undoing the hard work of getting that right - it was one of the few things that ALWAYS worked.

I guess all I am asking is this: are the general users of Comodo finding that bugs don’t get ironed out - and if they do, new ones always seem to spring up to take their place.
Or maybe the regulars at the forum are so used to the workarounds they may not even notice it?

Heres another odd thing…you can export logs as HTML…great. But given that the Comodo forum does not allow us to paste those logs in here…its not much help is it? Obviously I can just open it with Open Office and change the format to .doc or .txt, but why hasn’t that been fixed? Sure HTML looks great, but why bother if users are not able to post it up here for support.

Or is that only for technical support outside of the forums? The lack of a debug log - or at least any that I can detect, also does not help much. If there was a debug log I am sure that would help everyone a lot.

Every user could post up a debug log, and people could say “there is the problem - one of your rules is blocking so and so”…or “this dll is not working properly” etc. Its all these little things that may get fixed in the new version, but always there are new bugs.

If I am the only one, then maybe its the way my machine is configured and maybe Comodo is not right for me. Again fair enough, I can switch back. I am just wondering basically whether I am the only one.

What would be an interesting poll, I think, is to post a poll in the forums that basically say:

How many problems have you had with Comodo, after the automatic setup, in the last 3 months cummulatively in all versions?
4 or more.

By problems, I mean operational features that are not working properly. eg network rules.

Like I said its a big whinge and perhaps an unfair one. All I am really asking, when you get down to it, are the operational bugs being eliminated for most people?

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Hi weaselthatbites, welcome to the forums.

Just to address one point, which might help answer your questions… Any registered forum user, including yourself, may create a Poll if they want.

We do notice it. Some of us are just really patient :). Your poll thread will be quite interesting if you create one.

Thanks for your responses :slight_smile:

I have posted a poll and have abstained from voting as I want to see what happens with it :slight_smile:

You are right, CFP has a few bugs and “issues” :o, but I’m sure the developers are working hard to fix it. If you browse through the forum, you’ll see many of their posts, trying to help and collecting user’s feedback in order to help them solve those issues.