Not sure my CFP virus scan is finishing[RESOLVED]

Good morning,

This morning I noticed that when I ran the CFP online Virus scan that it stopped when it was on C:\WINDOWS_default.pif after scanning more than 80,000 files.

I was positive that when I first installed CFP v3 about a week ago and ran the initial scan that I got a message when the scan was completed that my system was clean or the scan was complete or something along those lines.

So this morning after the first scan I ran another and once again the last file scanned was the same one mentioned above with no mention of the scan being completed.

I am running WinXP Home, SP#3, with IE7.

Any ideas why my scans aren’t being completed (if that is actually the case)?

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Good morning again,

Call off the dogs!

I just realized after running the scan a third time this morning that the scan is actually finished. The file I mnentioned just happens to be the last file it checked.

It does acknowledge in the top left of the scanning window that the scan is ‘scanning’ and when it is finished ‘scan is completed’.

Sorry for jumping the gun in posting.

Have a great day!