Not sure if these are viruses?


Ok, so upon scanning my computer last night (a full system scan), it found 19 potential threats, but they all show up as files in the C:\System Volume Information_restore section of my computer. There are too many to write down all of the names but they all say stuff like ‘TrojWare.Win32.Trojan.Agent.Gen’ and ‘MalCrypt.Indus!’, essentially they all say they are Trojan’s or Malware in one way or the other.

Now are these actually viruses? And are they an actual risk to my computer? Of course I put them all in the quarantine.

But my main reason for asking this is because this morning when I tried to log into my World of Warcraft game account I got a message saying I had been locked out because my account had been compromised and so I contacted Blizzard and they said that it was locked automatically by their system because it detected someone trying to get in.

My main question is, are any of those files I mentioned able to steal account information for WoW and such or act as keyloggers, as I’m pretty paranoid now as to how my details were taken or how they were trying to get into my account and the safety of my email account etc.

I am not sure if this is the right section of the forum to post this so please move it if not, but I didn’t know where else to post it.


Hi I2010R,

Please submit the detected files at so we can check it.


I would submit the detected files but they are all in the quarantine and when I try to open that folder to add the files to that page you posted it says ‘Access is denied’ via a Windows error message.

How do I get around this problem so I can submit the files?

Hi I2010R,

Please follow the following steps to send the quarantined files:

1.Please select “Quarantined Items” under the Antivirus option of CIS and restore the files which you have quarantined.

2.Zip up the files and protect it with a password (password:“infected”) and send to falsepositive[at]


also don’t forget to re-quarantine them until you get a result.