Not sure about this ...

… after re-configuring Comodo to Chiron’s recommendations I get the following warning after each boot-up;

another computer tries to connect;

Remote: 192.168.01-UDP
Port: 57947

I must have had this pop-up before and ‘allowed’ it. Does anyone know what this connection is likely to be and what for?

Thank you

Do you have Windows Remote Desktop enabled? That may be the source.

Thank you.

The service is set on manual and hasn’t started so unlikely thats the cause.


Rule of thumb:
What is not necessary should be blocked/disabled.

If you dont use remote desktop, disable it.
If you dont need to allow unrequested ingoing traffic (~99,9999%), choose stealth port wizard setting 3. That will create a “block IP ingoing all all” rule in global rules. When you need a specific exception for it, put a rule above that, which is covering only the necessary permission for a specific computer/thing.

Appreciated and implemented.

Thank you

After looking into this a little bit more I found out that the afromentioned 192.168.01-UDP is commonly used by routers.

What I dont understand is that whether I block (as I do now) or allowed the request, nothing seems to not work and I always have access to the net … insofar, it is not a big issue but I nevertheless would like to know what causes these requests and why …

… the quest continues ???

Can you check the router’s IP address? Open the command prompt and type in ipconfig and push enter. Then see what the IP address of your default gateway is.

Thank you. It is indeed the default gateway/wireless Lan IP.

So, this is the router trying to make contact I assume (sorry for being a little dim). Why then does blocking (or not) makes no difference?

Do you have some type of software running on your computer that works together with your router? May be logging facility from the router that gets read by a process on your computer?

What router are you using? What brand and make?

No EricJH, no software to that extend that I know of. The router is a D-Link.

I use Avast and Spywareblaster, the only other active security programmes. Windows Firewall is disabled and a couple of other on demand only scanners which are not normally part of the running process.

I have noticed that the Comodo alert seems to appear after using Ccleaner before powering down. Not sure if that narrows anything down.
Thank you

What is the type number of your D-Link router? May be the manual brings a bit more clarity about its functionality.

Thank you EricJH

Sorry, I was occupied with other things.

The router model is DIR-615. It was provided by the cable company so no manual but I will try and get some info on line.

Again, thanks for the help


Here’s a link for the manual -

Appreciated panic


I forgot to ask what is the local port your router tries to connect to?