Not sure about an alert

Yesterday I installed Comodo in my computer and I am very satisfied with it. I’ve been receiving an alert but I don’t know if it’s a threat. Firefox and IE are “trustworthy” programs (or perhaps they seems to be :smiley: ). Are they being used for some malware? Could this be a false-positive? I attached a screenshot of the alert.
Sorry for my English ;D

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Hi and welcome,

This alert is fine if you have initiated the firefox launch. ‘Winnt\explorer.exe’ belongs to a windows component. If you can can choose ‘send to comodo for analysis’ this will enable comodo to analyse the file and add it to the safe list so you won’t receive a popup message for this.


Thanks for the quickly reply… I’m going to send it to comodo.
Thank You


You’re welcome. Glad I could help. :slight_smile:


P.S. your English is fine. :wink: