Not so smart scanner

This time,my feedback is not so good.I’ve lost my internet connection for 2 days and realized something.I tried to scan my whole pc,but the scanner started to update it’s database.But how can this happen,if i have no connection?So,this trying never stops and the full scan is impossible.Then what in fact goes on?If i do not have connection,i cannot scan my pc?Why the scanner doesn’t realize,that the cable is unplugged and just start the scan with the current database it has?

In Scanner settings you should disable a “Automatic update database before scanning”.

So?Does that makes the scanner smarter?

Yes. You are right! It’s freezes the system also.

It’s no smart in this case: "computer without internet connection ".

My post didn’t makes scanner smarter.

If you’re talking about Scanner freeze, I don’t know a reason to.

One more thing.When i disable ‘‘Automatic update database before scanning’’,the things remain the same.The scanner again is trying to update its database,no matter if this function is disabled.It runs ONLY if i disable ‘‘Automatic update database before scanning’’ and after that,manually disable my local area connection too.This is really annoying.Please,change this.

Who said that?I just lost my connection for 2 days,that’s it.And what,the viruses going only trough the net?Is this what you wanna say?This place here,this is community and i think,i have right to say what i think,do you?