Not showing in/out connections latest build CIS x64

vista x64 basically the firewall is not showing in/out connections. it is only listing what programs are listening and on what port nothing more. latest build of CIS, i know there are connections being made being i can use the internet and torrent which should be producing some activity on the page.

Works on my Vista64

Hi Solace,

What’s your connection to the outside world made of ?
Like Network Adapter and protocol etc, is it an Ethernet card or something that uses PPP or PPPoE ?

You ran the updater, didn’t you?
I had the same issue. You will have to do a clean install to resolve this.

I think is not an installation issue. I have the same problem with vista 32 bit and I already tried to make a clean install of CIS without any results: no traffic in tray, no rules created. u-torrent does not even appear in the active connections. And I use an ethernet card with PPPoE.

I think this bug will be fixed in the next release, there are more reports for problems with PPP/PPPoE connections.

The same probleme here on Vista 32 and PPOE connection. Even with active connection and download on utorrent, there is no traffic on utorrent connection…

I have the same problem. Configuration:

  • Vista 64-bit
  • Clean installation of CIS 3.8.64739.471
  • Firewall behaviour settings: Security level Custom policy mode, Alert freq Low, Gateway No, TCP alerts Yes, UDP alerts Yes, ICMP alerts Yes, Loopback alerts No
  • Installed Avast! antivirus with active Resident protection (some kind of proxy server)
  • Modem connected via USB with some PPP


  • No alerts
  • No rules (except those default)
  • No visible connections (except Listening)

It seems Comodo firewall absolutely does not protect my computer because it sees no connections.

razor74, pepalogik, Your(our) problem is known to COMODO dev’s and as Ronny posted it should be fixed. I hope we won’t have to wait too long. For the moment the only solution is to go back to ver. 3.5 that works almost perfect. I’m not an expert, but i think problem is only with Vista+PPPoE, on XP everything seems to work fine.

This is is both x32 and x64 vista wireless and Ethernet so far that i can test.