Not relevant alert popup

The problem has occurring sometime already CIS keep popup alert to request irrelevant access permission. My firewall mode is set to Custom Ruleset normally it will popup alerts for network access that doesn’t specified in applications rules so far everything working fine until I switch over to windows 10. At beginning I do as usual allow and block from the popup alert according to the process I decided, after a period of time I felt something wrong, some of the processes never request other than port 80 & 443 for access but it popup alert now. On top of that when CIS popup alert for the processes that already terminated I confirm something went wrong on CIS.

look at killswitch.jpg confirm no thinkorswim.exe & javaw.exe processes but the cis still alert both processes trying to connect to internet. (refer to log.jpg)

MBAMService.exe is alert connection to some others ports that normally this process don’t connect to. This problem not only happening on MBAMService.exe any others processes also will alert to access to not standard TCP ports.

Sometimes the installation of programs becomes corrupted when upgrading or updating the system version. Try to save your custom CIS settings and do a clean installation of the comodo internet security and import your settings, sometimes solves

Uninstall the Malwarebytes product as it is probably conflicting with CIS.

Ok after series of testing finally have some clues.

First of all I confirm not malwarebytes cause which I did installed latest or older version also same problem occurred, even completely removed also.

After removed and install back CIS from latest downloaded version the problem seem getting better but after I give full allow to qbittorrent software the problem back again.

One thing can confirm is when qbittorrent turn on TCP protocol the problem will occurs.

If removed qbittorrent permissions from CIS then CIS when prompt correctly qbittorrent asking for access permissions. But when granted full access CIS will prompt invalid process name request.

If qbittorrent completed or not downloading jobs CIS also stop prompting.