not re adding application rules after delete all and simplifing CPF for games


I installed CPF today and I really like it, I have been looking for a new firewall since the demise of the other free firewalls.

After turning off the basic rule logic to tighten application security and I decided to delete all the application and component entries to re add them, but it isnt prompting me for the apps there were on that list ???, some are just allowed and others are blocked (something to do with web browsing is, as I can’t browse the web in any browser(including firefox) with application rules on, even with a manual rule for them). How can I reset the rule settings without reinstalling or restarting the computer (I am doing a defrag that will take ages (probably days) using an app that completely defrags everything nomatter how little free space) I don’t want to cancel it.

I have tried restarting CPF and running the known application search.

Also, I play alot of games and host alot of them and don’t want to set up network rules for every single game, is it ok to delete the block rule now that CPF stealths unused ports, there are a few open according to SheildsUp, that are major security holes from windows, if I block all of the open ports from sheildsUp full scan, is that enough(I already have a LAN trusted zone, and the router has some blocking like ICMP and stuff, although I am the DMZ so I don’t know if that works on my computer). If that is not enough is their a way of stopping windows firewall from showing alerts while, so I don’t get alerts from both windows firewall and CPF, so I can run them in tandam as it appears to block the open ports.


PS: I had to rewrite this post because of the internet being stopped by app rules when I sent this(I was fiddling just to make sure I had tried everything before posting), it was very annoying!
And it happened again, good thing I copied this post to be safe before sending!