Not new product but support

I have read the list re: Trustix Secure Linux, its kind of disturbing that the user base is declining. What I would actually wish is that more programmers and support for the distro. I am new to linux (I am an M$ guy who is, well, dismayed with how M$ monopolizes and handles things) and I have weighted hardened distros and TSL came on the top of my list only to be dismayed by the declining user base and (perhaps) support. I was considering on putting TSL on our server, that was before yesterday, the day that had an interaction with the “sole” programmer (or so I was told) and read the whole story in the mailing list. I know that there are still, and will be individual or corportations considering TSL but unless support and userbase is not doing so well, some might actually think twice about it, myself included.

Do not get me wrong, I love Comodo, the security they provide especially the free ones :BNC and I think those are cool (:KWL) but I needed to test them out myself. I have tested only the TFE and it rocks! (:AGL)

What I am asking for is not a new product but a greater support for everything. I know that there will be financial burdens but you can get support (I think–remember, I’m just noob?) from the open source community, financially or otherwise.

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I hope I posted on the right forum and I have no intention of hurting anybody, these are just solely based on my opinions.

I had also sought technical support from Comodo, but they only sent me to the forum.
It is conceivable that support for free products is unavailable, even if you discover bugs.