Not Loading On Bootup

I just changed my firewall yesterday to Comodo and everything seem to be working fine but, today I notice that the Icon is not loading in the system tray at bootup. So I have to start the firewall via the short cut on my desktop.

I’m running XP sp3. I have Avast anti-virus, Ad-ware and Scotty Watchdog installed. Now scotty did flag me about new startup program after install but I told it to allow the startup.

I’m not even sure that the firewall is not loading and that this maybe just an Icon problem as Window is not giving me any security error messages that is normal when you don’t have a firewall turned on.

I just checked cfp.exe -h is loading at startup.



Not always showing all systray icons is a known problem with XP: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

Just see with Task Manager that cfp.exe is running. Even when it is not running cmdagent will still do the filtering.