Not intercepting Zemana Keyboard logger test

I’m using the latest version of the Comodo firewall software with Defense+ enabled. When I try to run the Zemana keylogger, I received a prompt about dllhost which made no mention of the actual executable. I set it to allow dllhost to run but had it not save the response so that it wouldn’t prompt me again in the future. Unfortunately, the program is able to log my keystrokes and the latest version of Comodo seems to allow this. I closed the program and reopened it and it began to continue to do the same thing. Any idea what is causing this to happen?
P.S. The previous version of Comodo never allows this program to capture keystrokes. Not sure if I have a setting not correctly set or something.

I tried it and it was unable to even run correctly if I blocked it. I am using V4 and I am in Proactive Security with the Sandbox disabled.

What is your configuration?

I have the sandbox turned on with similar settings as you have. I wonder if perhaps a reinstall is in order…

I just tired it, the program will ask two things, do you want it to install a global hook, if I answer allow it will get sandboxed and it can’t do anything, check out the pictures. And if it is sandboxed and you try to hit start you will get an error, basically it can’t do anything.

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I have Zemana Anti-keylogger on my machine (which seems to run fine with CIS). I know it’s not really related but the sales pitch for Anti-keylogger is based on how dangerous keyloggers are and yet …the same company sells a keylogger. How odd!

Edit: I should have done some research before posting. :-[
The Zemana keylogger is merely a test application used to verify that Anti-logger, or your existing security software, is effective against a keylogger. As languy99 pointed out, sandboxing cripples it so in this case CIS is an effective solution.

Does make me wonder why CIS did not stop Anti-keylogger from trying to run though? It certainly crippled all my other programs!

Same behavior like languy99’s here. FW and D+ in Safe Mode, Sandbox enabled, Proactive profile.

Just to let you guys know, after reinstalling the software COMODO correctly blocked the application. I have another problem now regarding KeePass which I’m unable to solve so I’ll need to create a new topic for the issue.