Not installing

So basically, I ran the installer for CIS and chose just to install the Firewall and Defense+. Everything went fine, it seemed to install correctly, and I was able to open Comodo. It prompted me for a restart and when the computer booted up, I got an error from comodo saying there was a missing dll. I figured something must have not installed correctly, so I went to control panel to uninstall it and it said comodo is missing and offered to remove the link for me, which I accepted. However, now when I try to run the installer again, it says it is already installed and asks whether or not I want to uninstall it or add/remove components (no matter what option I pick it does nothing). Is there a registry key or something I need to change so I can reinstall it?

Oh, before I forget, I’m running 64 Bit vista.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nevermind, found the registry key.