not happy with the latest version

Forget developing anything new - fix what you have already put out!!! If you want people to use and pay for your product, it has to be EASILY useable by somebody other than techies, not the cryptic-message headache-generator that too often is now.

I had to turn the sandbox feature completely off within less than three hours, because it kept sandboxing EVERYTHING, even an utterly harmless little mah-johng game I’ve had for over 10 years now won’t run. Security, schmecurity - what early use is it if nothing will run??

I might add that most of these programs were sandboxed without warning - I was notified after the fact, even though I was supposed to be asked before anything hit the sandbox. Too often the programs wouldn’t run even when I finally figured out how to tell Commodo not to sandbox it and to let it run the way it wanted. This is a ROYAL pain in the A**!!!

I am also very PO’d at the fact that the update ditched all my previous settings, and suddenly we’re back to ground 0. AGGHH!!! I have far too little time and way too much that needs to get done to be wasting my time reconfiiguring a program that should have picked up the settings during the update.

Last but not least, Commodo has the very bad habit of updating whenever it wants to, with no regard whatsoever as to anything else that is running. Too much of the time it does this when I am in the middle of another task, and usually it means that everything stops cold.

This, with a machine that should have more than enough power and to spare - yet Commodo needs to steal most of it away from the program I am currently running?

A POLITE program would update only when nothing intensive is being done with the system - but I guess that is too much to ask for?

VERY glad I didn’t pay any money for this so-annoying piece of ![at]#[at]#%$^!!

well this is the problem with CIS its not to user friendly but it prompted me to learn more about computers so CIS has made me better :ilovecomodo:

I agree rroberto about sanboxing because it is annoying. I installed Comodo to whom doesn’t know about how to scan even. Then i started to watch him what will do after sandbox alerts. He tried to execute sandboxed programs and he couldn’t then he wanted help. Then i had to unsandbox everything.

Comodo should increase the whitelist items or only potentially dangerous files should be sandboxed. So the pop up alerts may be reduced and people use it without interaction.

I just recently installed the latest update of CIS 4.1 on my new Win 7 x64 computer and while the Sandbox did make an effort to run each of the new programs I installed after telling it not to run them it did not sandbox them and it didn’t make the request again after that. I must say though that I had much more trouble with the Sandbox on my Vista x32 computer than I did on the Win 7 x64 computer.


If you are not willing to learn a little something about your anti virus program for your computers sake, that is just lazy. Also, all good anti virus programs automatically update. What if you turned auto update off, forgot to update it, and downloaded zero day malware by accident? You are ■■■■■■■. Once some of this malware gets through, it can easily block updates. In the 15 minutes you took to type that long complaint out, you could have learned a lot about how to use Comodo.


If a person want to find a bad of something they can find 1000 of it.

Im Happy with comodo 100%

also note Comodo is free

I’m sorry you’ve had such difficulties with Comodo. There are different settings for Comodo which you can choose when you’re completing the initial install, you may have clicked something that caused Comodo to go into a more “paranoid” mode.

There is also a setting which you can configure to set everything on your PC to allow all current executables to not be interfered with by Defense+, you may want to give this setting a try.

As for the sandbox it should never stop anything from running, especially a small game, it simply stops that program from making any changes to your PC, but allows it to run (in a secured environment).

Check the attached screenshot for more information.

Hope this helps,

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I agree with the OP regarding obfuscated pop-ups and non intuitive interface. A simple example - no easy way of telling what is running sandboxed. No proper management of what files should be run sandboxed. No “obvious” quick way of switching between sandboxed and unsandboxed. Some pretty simple fixes to be honest, which could have been implemented long ago, which stupify the majority of non technical users.

To the OP: If you are willing to learn how to do these things (especially learn how Defense+ works), then good for you: you will understand a lot more about HIPS software. If you don’t have the time, that’s fair enough too - at the moment Comodo is definitely not a “average person” product.