Not good ehough! Simply shame!


the following:;msg432755#msg432755

Was a nasty unpleasant attack on user who posted a legit question
Very disappointing readings
Shame on some mods “clapping” at anything Comodo developed including wrongly implemented features
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“nice” reply. :-TD Thanks a lot, kail

No problem. I couldn’t remember clapping recently so I thought that I’d better add that. :slight_smile:

edit on reflection: I actually wanted to be part of the Nasty Shameful Clapping Mods… it has a certain ring to it and I hadn’t clapped at anything (or something) recently. That and, of course, I locked the topic in question.

Sorry but you know the answer. (legit question?)

If the topic title had been “Why does this not work with that, can it be solved?”

The two teams may not have said the whole truth, but to imply anything else is not very nice :frowning:

My own personal option is there is only one place for topics like this :o

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The subject is nevertheless interesting.

I don’t believe that any virtual machine, i don’t mind what you call it, is useful for whatever else then e.g. IT helpdesks.

The idea that it would allow security testing (including “low level” mbr writings would somehow infringe Heisenberg’s principle if it was translated to computing: you can’t both observe a “foreign” system while still being part of it.

Indeed, that’s certainly true for monitoring/recording performance testing.

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Could you be more specific? Which posts by which moderator are you referring to? Usually your posts are longer and better documented. Your topic start below the standards I have come to expect from you.

The answers by Comodo were given days before Tech started that topic. He could have been aware of them. Therefor I saw and see no need for a topic on basis of polarisation which implied Comodo was not truthful.

I will repeat the Comodo point of view here for people who do not know the history of this subject:

If you have prove that the point of view taken by Comodo staff regarding Vectored Exceptions is technically flawed please file a bug report.

SiberLynx, thanks for the comprehension.
I was just asking. Trying to start a dialog between Comodo and Sun. Trying to make both software run together. Maybe I was not lucky with the words I’ve used.
Of course, I don’t like to be threated like a troll. It’s humiliating.
I was Moderator in a forum. It’s not an easy task. Sometimes we overreact.
What I can say is that I’m not a fanboy and I like to try to improve software. I believe in software development.;msg432959#msg432959

In fact I was not. I’m not able to know everything about everything. I need to ask. This is why this is a forum, isn’t it?

I’m convinced the problem is on Sun side. Hope they correct it.

That being said, this topic should be closed.
Syberlynx, do you have any objections?

Another? ???

Hi John ,

1st of all, indeed… Why this thread has to be closed too, as Tech asked

Then, why would you ask me? I am nobody - you are the boss. Do whatever you want. please.

I’ve seen indeed Trolls running around here and abusing people & that ended by mods laughing & throwing the jokes

Neither previous nor this thread should be closed, if you are asking me (without an intention to provoke me to express myself more explicitly)

My regards

Lucky? “Who is telling the truth? Comodo or Sun?” could be described in a few ways, but unlucky is not one of them. I’ve already detailed this for you.

As for the rest of your post, this whole thing was, according to you, a misunderstanding. If your post is in support of that assertion… then you appear to have been most “unlucky” once again.

edit: missing word


If you have a problem any Moderator action, then you contact another Moderator by PM and take this issue up with them (as you were most clearly told Tech). You do not post topics like this. The Moderators will, in general, not take kindly to any attempt to have a trial by members of Moderator actions/decisions.

Topic locked (see above).