Not getting my homepage

This happens when I go to the bar at the bottom of the screen and click on the CD icon that’s next to the Start button.

What I get is a new tab (screen) that tells me I’m not signed into Dragon. How can I get my homepage to appear instead of this.

Hi oguy,
Menu, settings, under On startup choose Open a specific page or set of pages, then set pages, from within there remove all except for your desired page/URL.
Hover over the one you don’t want and a cross will appear to remove/delete it.

Thanks for the quick reply captain.

I went there, inside the set page box, and the only URL showing is the one to my homepage.

Anything else I can try?

Is the browser opening one only or more tabs?
If more than one are they opening as standard full tabs size?

One tab, standard full size tab.

Make sure there is not an obscure tab between the open tab and the menu orb.
If there is right click and unpin the smaller obscure tab.

Edit: If it is not the above, was there any specific system changes around the time this started happening?

No obscure tab around.

This has been going on for awhile (weeks). I can’t say exactly how long though.

No systems changes other than normal daily Windows updates.

I just checked the other pc here in the house and the same thing is happening there… whenever a new tab is brought up, the Not Signed In To Dragon screen comes up instead of my homepage.

I run CD 20.0 currently.

OK, some confusion on my behalf I think.

Now I have taking it that the issue was happening on opening the Browser, but if I have got this right now you mean when opening a new tab from within an open Browser.

Home page for new tab is not possible to my knowledge without an extension, what you should be getting is thumbnails for most visited or applications or the link to the chrome web store.
Also along the bottom you have these options including recently closed.
Top right will be showing that you are not signed in is normal.
Sorry for the confusion.

Here’s the situation as it stands right now…

When I open a new tab from within an open browser (by clicking + next to the tab above) I get the screen with the thumbnails and everything else that you just described… so as you say, that’s normal and I would need an extension if I want it.

But I also get the screen with the thumbnails if I go and click on the CD icon on the desktop or the icon down next to the Start button any time I already have an open browser. And what happens is that the screen also sows up as a Tab with the thumbnails. Clicking on the CD icon is having the same effect as clicking on +… it’s creating a tab.

Sorry I didn’t realise you was meaning when opening a second Browser window when the Browser is already open.
This is by design unknown as to why it is though.
The issue has also happened in Chrome.
Let us hope the future versions change this behaviour.
Sorry for your time wasted with the confusion.

Edit: To have a New Browser window open to the set home page could very well be something worth adding to the Wishlist.

Thanks for your help on this captainsticks!! It wasn’t a waste for me because you cleared a few things for me on the thumbnails page which I had overlooked. When I get a chance I will add it to the wishlist. Again, thank you… and now it’s off to lunch. Have a good day!!

One of the most handiest items IMO on the New Tab page is the recently closed list.
Anyway I am glad not all was lost with your time and all the best to you. :slight_smile:
BTW enjoy lunch.